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A.Q.Shafi Enterprises is situated at SIALKOT - PAKISTAN.

SIALKOT city is famous for the Export of his quality products around the world. A.Q.Shafi Enterprises has the membership of the following associations:-

  The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  All Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers & Exporters Association.
  The Sports Goods Manufacturers Associations.
  Pakistan Export Promotion Bureau.
  ISO 9001:2008
  CE Mark
  EN-13595 EN-13634:2002

We invite you to join A.Q.Shafi Enterprises for success, safety & satisfaction, A.Q.Shafi Enterprises established in 1997. We are a real manufacturer and exporter of leather garments, textile garments, motorbike leather suits, motorbike Cordura suits, leather gloves, Cordura gloves, leather accessories, club leather products, motorbike leather saddlebags, tool bags, etc.... at Sialkot - Pakistan.

Our products can also be had with the buyer's own logos or symbols in single or multiple colors fine printings or with embroidery work.
Our company discourages Child Labor for any of its operations. On annual inspections, the Labor department always endorses,(CHILD LABOR FREE COMPANY)
We profess and support the elimination of Child Labor from the Manufacturing Industry in SIALKOT. We actively participate in the Child Labor Eradication programs that are carried out by different Government and Non- government institutions like the Government of PAKISTAN, UNICEF, ILO and due to these collective efforts, SIALKOT Primary Education Project being undertaken by UNICEF.

We take special care in the production of our products at all stages. Quality system after, investing heavily in research and innovation and providing a superior work environment, A.Q.Shafi Enterprises is able to offer a comparatively superior level of product quality & customer service. We have established and are maintaining a quality control system, which meets the international standard of quality.

We are well established in the international business sectors. We are able to fulfill orders in a very short time while maintaining a continuously high level of quality. We want to shape the future with you in this new millennium, please do not hesitate to contact us on or for further information.

You to join A.Q.Shafi Enterprises for success, safety & satisfaction.

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21 March, 2020


Pray and help for Corona Virus-infected peoples.

A.Q. Shafi Enterprises pray for the successful recovery of infected peoples.

May God save all world from Corona Virus.

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A.Q.Shafi Enterprises

Roras Road, New Miana Pura Eastern,
Sialkot - 51340 - Pakistan

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